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    Whether you're looking for CCTV systems, motion detectors or smart locks, you can find what you need to secure your property with DWS Security Super Store.

    Discover Our Selection Of Security Systems

    Protect your property with our trusted alarm systems.

    Control who enters your property and when.

    Top of the range battery back systems.

    Professional high end cameras and DVR recorders for indoor and outdoor use.

    About DWS Security Super Store

    DWS Security Super Store is a market-leading provider of tailored security systems to Cape Town homes, large and small businesses, major high street brands, the financial sector, police and other strategic service providers.


    The company is a pioneer of intelligence-based security solutions – a significant advance in the fight against crime. A local security organisation operating at many levels,  we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, a key contributor to the company’s growth.


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    We offer the  most comprehensive range of cable solutions.

    Deter intruders with durable electric fencing that can withstand the harshest weather elements.

    Electric, automated garage is an easy way to ensure the security of your property

    Wired and wireless outdoor beams and detectors that can work on standalone systems.

    Our Range Of Brands

    With crystal clear audio quality and supremely easy installation.

    At its most basic, solar panels consist of an array of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity by a process known as the photovoltaic effect.


    Here are products to beat the burglar


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    Product Excellence

    Our mission statement is to provide the absolute best customer experience available in the security systems industry without exception. We choose to only sell the best performing products, learning them inside and out to ensure your experience with us and the products we supply are second to none. DWS Security Super Store is one of the fastest growing security systems retailers in Western Cape.

    Dual Detector with Anti-Masking and Pet Immunity

    Featured Product - Paradox NV35M

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